Spiritual Pilgrimage Day 9: Jerusalem


August 2 – JERUSALEM (Ancient City) – The morning will be spent visiting the Chapel of Flagellation and the Palace of Pontius Pilate, today called the Lithrostos (stone pavement). It is here where our Lord was scourged by the Roman soldiers. Today, a Chapel is built over this area and the group will have Mass at this holy site. Nearby is the Church of St. Ann, built over the Birthplace of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the afternoon, the pilgrims will visit the sites of the Upper Room where Pentecost occurred and Dormition Abbey (a beautiful Benedictine church to commemorate Blessed Virgin Mary’s Assumption); then, a visit at the Western Wall, near the area where the Temple once stood.

Prayer: Jesus, you came to tell us of the Father’s love, have mercy on us! We pray for all the spiritual renewal of all our families and for the sanctity of life. Thank you for the gift of salvatio;, we pray that many will experience a desire to know you and love you.


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