Seeking Eternal Life


Gospel Reflection from Mark 10:17-30

by Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox

The rich young man knelt before Jesus, knowing Jesus had words of eternal life, but when Jesus told him to give his possessions to the poor he went away sad because he trusted in his wealth more than in the invitation of Jesus. Jesus is inviting all of us to follow him, but to follow him faithfully we cannot love a person, place or thing more than him. It is in loving God above all else that we can reach our potential to love ourselves and to love others. God has a great plan for us, but He must be the most important part of the plan. It is impossible for us to be truly happy in this life and for all eternity relying on our own resources.

The only way we can discover the generosity of God’s providence is by trusting in Him, even when it doesn’t reasonable. We found that spending time in prayer – in a Church, Chapel, a prayer room, your car – simply to take time out and think that Jesus is front of you listening to you can be a great start! Some of the greatest Saints known through the History of the Catholic Church started this way. Well…maybe not in the car…but they took that first step!

“All things are possible for God.” Mk 10:27


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