Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? A Catholic Approach to Christian Unity”


The following outline was given to us by Father Bob Hogan. He was our guest on “Catholicism Live!”, on November 11th on this topic.

Catechism of the Catholic Church# 821: Requirements to respond adequately to the call of Ecumenism:

1) Renewal of the Church

2) Conversion of heart

3) Prayer in common

4) Fraternal knowledge of each other

5) Ecumenical formation

6) Dialogue

7) Collaboration among Christians in various areas of human service.

Activities of ecumenism:
1) Eliminate words of judgments and actions – which are not true or fair about our separated brethren, making relations more difficult.

2) Dialogue between competent experts: #11 Second Vatican Council, Decree on Ecumenism. “Catholic beliefs need to be explained more profoundly and precisely in was and in terminology which our separated brethren too can really understand.”

3) Cooperating on projects for the common good

4) Common prayer – #8 Second Vatican Council, Decree on Ecumenism. “This change of heart and holoiness of live, along with public and private prayer for the unity of Christians, should be regarded as the soul of the whole ecumenical movement, and can rightly be called “spiritual ecumenism”.

Catechism of the Catholic Church #817-819 Affirming ways God is working in separated Christians.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi (Director of the Vatican Press Office) “Evangelization and unity are two of the Church’s all-time priorities, and communication is key for both of them.”

Pope John Paul II wrote an encyclical “On Commitment to Ecumenism” in 1995. Go to the vatican web page at http://www.vatican.va to check it out.


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