Heal us Mary!


This evening I heard Father Ishmael speak about the love of the Mary, mother of Jesus has for each one of us. He invited us to “sit on Mary’s lap and be her child; tell her everything, tell her your needs, your desires and give her your wounds, your hurts.” Father continued to invite us to enter this Season of Advent with Mary, to consider our ‘spiritual home’ with Mary; to spend time with her. It was consoling to hear this message; as elementary as it may sound for some; for me, it reminded me that Mary is my Heavenly mother who also knows me and all the ‘junk or wounds’ I carry. And she loves me! This Season of Advent will be an opportunity to remind myself each day of her presence, her love for me and for those I love as I meditate on her journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem with Joseph. As I think about how she and Joseph, simple and humble, asked for a place for her Son to be born. And Mary was full of hope and peace – she was carrying the Savior of the world in her womb and trusted in her chaste spouse, Joseph.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, pray for us! Mary of Nazareth, pray for us! Mary, Mother of of us all, pray for us!


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