Start the New Year with Good Reading!


Here are a few of our favorites. You can order them through your local Catholic Book Store or Catholic book websites such as the and others.

1) Marian Thoughts by Pope Benedict XVI
Discover wonderful reflections on Mary, Mother of God. Going to Mary is like a school of Christianity, learning from her the alphabet of faith and hope. (

2) The Story of a Soul Therese of Lisieux – a spiritual classic from a young Catholic saint and Doctor of the Church. Therese of Lisieux lived only 24 years, however, her deep insight of the “simple way to God” has transformed many lives and brought thousands closer to Christ.

3 Imitation of Christ by Thomas Kempis.
For five hundred years, this gentle book, filled with the spirit of the love of God, has brought understanding and comfort to millions of readers in over fifty languages, and provided them with a source of heart-felt personal prayer. These meditations on the life and teachings of Jesus, written in times even more troubled and dangerous than our own, have become second only to the Bible as a guide and inspiration.
Book One — Thoughts Helpful in the Life of the SoulBook Two — The Interior LifeBook Three — Internal ConsolationBook Four — An Invitation to Holy Communion
Book One. Thoughts Helpful in the Life of the Soul (A few titles are listed below)
1. Imitating Christ and Despising All Vanities on Earth2. Having A Humble Opinion of Self3. The Doctrine of Truth4. Prudence in Action5. Reading the Holy Scripture

3) Mother Teresa – A Simple Path – Mother Teresa shares the thoughts and experiences that have led her to do her extraordinary charitable work. A Simple Path gives voice to the remarkable spirit who has dedicated her life to the poorest among us. (Ballantine Publishing)

4) Living the Catholic Faith by Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M.Cap.
Less than 160 pages, this fantastic book is for everyone who wants to learn about being a Christian, being a Catholic! Some chapter titles are: “Becoming a Christian”, “Growing in Christ” and “Not a Burden, but a Joy”. (Servant Publications)

What do you think?

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