Directing Man’s Gaze Toward the Mystery of Christ


In The Mission of the Redeemer, Chapter 1….John Paul II wrote:

The Church’s fundamental function in every age, particularly ours, is to direct man’s gaze, to point the awareness and experiences of the whole of humanity toward the mystery of Christ.

To direct man’s gaze toward the mystery of Christ – what does this mean?

To help direct man’s gaze toward the mystery of Christ, a Christian needs to be a true witness of the fullness of the Truth. Pope Paul VI in his Apostolic Letter titled Evangelization in the Modern World wrote: (#76)

It is often said nowadays that the present century thirsts for authencity. … The world calls for and expects from us simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor, obedience and humility, detachment and self sacrifice. Without his mark of holiness, our word will have difficulty in touching the heart of modern man. It risks being vain and sterile.

Living as an authentic witness of Christ is helping “direct man’s gaze toward the mystery of Christ!” Invoke the Holy Spirit to guide you!

These two statements from Paul VI and John Paul II are good sources of meditation and perhaps even an examination of conscience during this Lenten Season.

What do you think?

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