God Is Still At Work Today


by Sarah Stravitsch

God is still very present and at work in our lives today. I know this with my faith, but like many people persevering gets hard. Sometimes I wonder if God is hearing my unanswered prayers. I remind myself that St. Monica prayed for years and years for the conversion of her son, the great St. Augustine of Hippo. Or that St. Paul was a great sinner. He stood by approvingly while the first Christians were martyred. He had such a huge conversion experience that he was knocked off his horse. Or St. Francis of Assisi who gave up everything to live the gospel call in a most radical way. God worked in a very real and powerful way with each of them.

But that was long ago. What about today? Where is God now?

Have you heard about Jon Pedley? He is a British tycoon who is selling everything, including his 1.5 million dollar house to move to Uganda and live in a mud hut. Using the money, he will start a charity to benefit the poor in Uganda. Some may ask, “What would cause someone to do such a thing?” Only a deep love and calling from Jesus.

But Jon Pedley wasn’t always very devout. He described most of his life as “totally and utterly self-centered.” He even abandoned family to pursue his own self-interests. A near-death experience didn’t help to get him back on track either. “In fact, I came back worse because I thought I was indestructible. Nothing could beat me, not even death,” he said.

When I read the story about his conversion in the news, I thought, “Praise God! That still happens today.” So like St. Monica, I resume my unanswered prayers with faith that God hears me and that He will eventually answer them in His own wise way.


What do you think?

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