Spring Cleaning for the Soul


by Sarah Stravitsch
Many people take time in the spring to clean the house. When I was younger, my mom would have all of us clean the house for an entire weekend to make it “spic and span”. I hated it. Afterwards, though, it was nice to have a very clean house. The sun seemed to shine a little brighter through the windows. The house was more spacious, and the air seemed crisper.The same can be true for our souls. It isn’t too late to do a little “spring cleaning” for our souls if we have fallen lax in our Lenten disciplines.
Take time this Holy Week to draw close to the Lord. You could read from the Bible each day about the passion and death of Jesus. Pray a rosary or part of a rosary each day. Save the desserts and treats for Easter. Attend daily Mass or at least the Holy Thursday and Good Friday services. By contemplating the mystery of this Holy Week and uniting with Jesus in his passion and death, you will enter into the mystery of His resurrection. As the light of Christ fills your soul, Easter Sunday will seem a little brighter.

What do you think?

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