Whom do you think Jesus would first appear to?


Stones near the Sea of Galilee

Mark in his gospel (16:9-13) writes: “But later, as the eleven were at table, he appeared to them and rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart because they had not believed those who saw him after he had been raised.”

WHY did the eleven not beleive when told that the Lord had risen? Was it because of their guilt, that theyhad abandoned him?

Guilt can rob us of our faith and prevent us from experiencing the love and mercy of God. That is why forgiveness is essential. In the Sacrament of Confession, Jesus forgives us and gives us the grace to forgive ourselves and others.

We thank the Lord for this gift of Confession/Penance – not only do we encounter the Lord Jesus in this Sacrament through His promise…we have received much peace!

Has it been a long time for you? Don’t wait any longer! Afraid? Do not be afraid! Tell the priest it’s a been long time and he will help you along.


What do you think?

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