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The Pilgrim Center of Hope’s TV/radio show, “Catholicism Live!” has begun a new series on the Theology of the Body, which tells us more about the meaning of our bodies, emotions, souls, and overall humanity. Learn more about this series by visiting our website,

Watch “Catholicism Live!” every Wednesday night, 8-9 PM Central Standard Time on Catholic Television of San Antonio Time Warner Cable Channel 15 or listen to the live radio broadcast on radio or online, Guadalupe Radio Network KJMA 89.7 FM simulcast online at (Click on the South Texas feed)

Follow along with each weekly episode by visiting the blog or our website before the show airs.


In Episode 3 of our series, Dr. Delaney and Alan Becker explore creation and the Fall and what this means for our personal experience of goodness and of sin. Our hosts look at how the Fall affects our relationship with God and with others, and what the challenges are for having a fully Christian life of joy.

Why would God create a world in which there is pain, suffering and death?
Why am I drawn to things that are not good for me?
What is the difference between pleasure and joy?
Do men and women experience temptations in the same way?

Bernadette Soubirous, virgin and visionary of Our Lady of Lourdes. Learn more about St. Bernadette here.

Anastasia Northrop’s “The Freedom of the Gift: A Study Guide for JPII’s Theology of the Body.” Look for this study guide in your local Catholic bookstore, or you may purchase it online here.

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