Seeing the Holy Shroud of Christ


Our pilgrim group’s first few hours on pilgrimage began in the city of the Holy Shroud – Turin, Italy! Upon arrival on April 14 – we followed the Holy Shroud one mile trail to the Cathedral of the Turin where the Holy Shroud is on display. Tired from the 30 hour journey from Texas to Turin, we anticipated this moment after waiting months and for some, years for this moment!

Upon arrival, we were allowed some time in front of the Holy Shroud; it was as if time stood still! There was silence and a peace viewing this authentic relic of the cloth that covered our Lord’s crucified body. Oh how Jesus suffered…seeing the wounds, the blood stains, the marks from the scourging!

Today, April 15 – we awoke early to walk to the Cathedral arriving at 6:45am for a 7am scheduled Mass at the foot of the Holy Shroud. The Mass was in Italian with 10 priests; Fr. Joseph Mary Marshall was among them. One pilgrim from our group experienced a physical healing during Mass!
After Mass, we spent 45 minutes in silent prayer before the Shroud. Imagine, receiving the Body and Blood Christ in Mass; and spending time in communion with Him in front of the cloth that covered His crucified body! Afterwards, we spent time in the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel…then returned to our hotel for breakfast. Later we visited the Holy Shroud Museum. A most unique and extraordinary day; with free time to enjoy this beautiful, historical city of Turin! Tomorrow – the city of St. Anthony – PADUA, ITALY!


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