Venice – the city of St. Mark


Tomb of St. Mark

Written with contributions by pilgrims – Daniel & Rita Calderon and Ed & Gloria Tovar

Venice has been in stories, art, movies and expressed by so many as the city on water! We like to say it is the city of Saint Mark the Evangelist; whose remains are entombed in the Basilica of St. Mark. We had Mass today in a Chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Tovars, parishioners of St. Mark Parish in San Antonio were elated that this chapel was located next to the Tomb of St. Mark. Byzantine mosaics lined most of the walls and ceiling.

Pilgrims are saying – “we have been blessed with spectacular weather, perfect road conditions and feeling God’s presence in all that we have experienced!” “The Holy Spirit has led us in every mile of this journey!”

Tomorrow – Assisi!


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