Amazing how one city can offer so much and attract so many different people from all over the world! From ancient Roman history to the Vicar of Christ ‘ the Pope! People come as tourists, pilgrims, history and art students and just for the romanticism this city offers!
Our pilgrim group is enjoying the 4 Patriarchal Basilicas – by visiting them, praying and walking through the history of the Church!
Water fountains in middle of plazas, Italians’ warm hospitality, sidewalk cafe’s serving pasta, cappuchino, wine…people greeting each other in the streets “caio!” and gelato stands along the streets – it all makes this city not only a city of marvelous sights and sounds, but of a great joy!
the pilgrim group will attend the General Audience with Pope Benedict XVI and then visit the Vatican’s museum. Ending the day with Mass at the Pontifical North American College!
The delicious pizzas and variety of pastas have been a part of our daily menu! Don’t mind at all since we are walking so much each day!
Ahh….Roma! Caio for now!


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