Followers of Saint Francis


Just spent two days in a small, walled city that dates over 1,000 years! It is Assisi, Italy – known for one of its residents, a young man who was once called “King of the Party or Parties” -his name is Francis. He changed the history of his village – choosing a radical life as a follower of Jesus Christ, after encountering the Resurrected Jesus Christ! His joy and desire to live a simple life attracted hundreds of men and women to follow in his footsteps that led to a life of immense joy and hope!

We met his followers – Franciscan Friars, men who were attracted to live a life of immense joy and by spending time with people by telling them of God’s love and mercy. One young Franciscan Friar, approached our small pilgrim group to welcome us and asked if we wanted to hear about the Franciscan way of life! Of course! Assisi is the heart of Franciscanism! This young 30 year old was Friar Daniel,who was from Rome, but living in Assisi. Friar Daniel, in less than 10 minutes, invited us to think about our priorities in life. Do our careers, or other choices we make in life consume us to a point that we loose our peace? our faith and hope in God? Do we love God? The Friar assured us that the Heavenly Father who created us loves us and know us.

Simple message – do we actually hear it with the ears of our hearts?


What do you think?

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