Spending 21 days in Italy was grand! We have had two remarkable pilgrimages; 44 pilgrims in the first group and 35 in the second group. It has been powerful learning about the traditions of our Catholic Faith, walking in the footsteps of hundreds of Saints, walking through history and experiencing many blessings and an abundance of grace.

The Holy Shroud of Jesus Christ was the primary purpose of these two journeys of faith. – seeing the image on the shroud makes you want to cry out to God for His mercy and in thanksgiving for what His son did for us.

It was awesome to see thousands of people gathered in Rome for the Papal Audience, in Turin for the Holy Shroud, and in Padua to venerate the Tomb of St. Anthony! Praying along side people from Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and other countries give testimony that the faith is not dead! On the contrary, the Holy Spirit is moving in many hearts and minds!

We have learned so much from these two pilgrimages and believe they have been instrumental in building up the body of Christ!

Would you like to hear about the ‘miracles’, the experiences, the gifts from these two pilgrimages? Come over to the Pilgrim Center of Hope for tea, coffee, or a drink!


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