The 5th Gospel?


by Deacon Tom & Mary Jane Fox

The Holy Land has been known to be the 5th Gospel – it is a living experience of the Bible! It’s always difficult to articulate it all. It’s not JUST about visiting Holy sites which are remarkable in themselves; it’s also about meeting the “living stones” (local people), the culture, the history, and fun! The pilgrimage also builds up the body of Christ as we also receive grace and sometimes miracles of healing.

The group met with the Latin Patriarch of the Holy Land, and also visited a Palestinian Women’s Solidarity Project sponsored by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Purpose is to create funds by selling hand-made Palestinian embriodered items to support several families in Bethlehem area. One of the pilgrims, Susie, is a Catholic Women’s Conference Steering Committee member; she suggested this CRS Project become a joint effort with the Catholic Women’s Conference (

Our guide, Rula, is one of the very few Christian guides in the Holy Land; she will be a speaker at this year’s Catholic Women’s Conference. She is looking forward to visiting Texas for the first time and wants to have a traditional “Western” experience! Anyone have a horse she can ride?

Till later….


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