Papa Mio!


Have you ever seen something so magnificent that you suddenly felt like singing? Or so humbling and beautiful that you felt like a child again? That happened to many of us today as we experienced one of the seven wonders of the world: Petra. (Click to see today’s photos.)

Built in the first-century B.C., Petra is a mammoth city carved out of sandstone. Homes, shops, temples, royal palaces, an amphitheater, extravagant tombs, an impressive water system, and more were all carved into the rock by the mysterious Nabataean civilization. The natural rock formations themselves were impressive, inspiring spontaneous hymn-singing and remarks like, “Wow, the power of God…” On the tough, uphill walk back to the bus, Petra motivated me to jump from rock to rock with a smile from ear to ear – like a little child in a playground that my Father had built.

On the way to Petra, we were graced with the chance to hear our spiritual director, Fr. Valentine, tell his “vocation story” – the story about how and why he became a priest.

This all reminded me of how glorious and good it is that we have a Heavenly Father. He gives us so much. He invites us to love Him. He personally calls us to respond and witness to His love. He gives us His Spirit and the life of His only Son. How much more could we want?
It’s a good question to ask ourselves every now and then: Do I realize how blessed I am? How often do I want more when I already have more than enough? How often do I take for granted my Father’s gifts to me?

Let’s not let today pass by without giving God praise.


What do you think?

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