Sacred Heart Visit


Out of my hotel room is the perfect view of the Sacred Heart Basilica. It looks beautifully lit in the morning hours. The Basilica looks huge from our hotel room and I couldn’t wait to get there to see it up close. Before you get to the Church, we had to walk up a hill and then take a cable car to get to the top.

I was blown away once we reached the top. It looked even more beautiful up close, and sits on a top of the hill which overlooks the city. This hill by the way is called the Hill of Martyrs. St. Dennis, the first bishop of Paris, was martyred here. This site has been my favorite on pilgrimage thus far.

We had Mass in the Crypt, and had a delicious lunch prepared by the Benedictine Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Today was a very spiritual and meaningful day.

Did you know that the Sacred Heart Basilica is a unique place in the world of Perpetual Adoration? Why? Because it has taken place for more than 125 years, night and day. Just think: someone is commited to pray for souls around the world – for you and me – how awesome and selfless is that?


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