Meeting A Simple Saint


Today we spent the day in Lisieux - had Mass and saw St. Therese's remains (inside wax figure shown in photo). Now, we are driving back to Paris for our last night.

“The greatest saint of modern times” is what Pope Pius X said about Therese of Lisieux. To have a pope say this about someone who was a nun for only nine years and died at age 24 is remarkable.

Today, I met St. Therese. I knew about her and read about her, but today she came alive for me.

We visited the house she grew up in and also the Carmelite community she entered at age 15. The Basilica of Lisieux was beautiful; the walls were covered with mosaics of her quotes. St. Therese was a very simple and humble person. I fell in love with her, and admired her simplicity.

When asked how she prayed, she responded:

I quite simply tell God what I want to say to Him without making beautiful sentences, and He always understands me…

Ask Therese to guide you on the way of confidence and love. Saint Therese, pray for us!


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