Dressing for God?


When I was younger I wanted my mother to buy me the latest designer clothing and I was so disappointed when she wouldn’t get it for me.  I thought if I had the latest fashion, I would get noticed.  Yes, I’m sure I would but how long would that last anyway? And would I get noticed for the right reasons?

As I got older I realized why my mom didn’t buy me the coolest or hottest fashions.  For one it was expensive and secondly she felt it wasn’t the appropriate attire for a girl my age to wear.  She would say that when I got older and made my own money I could buy and wear whatever I wanted.  Well I’m older now and those things just don’t appeal to me anymore.  They don’t seem important at all.  I learned to accept my modest way of dressing and realized that it wasn’t really that bad.

I’ve noticed now that young teenagers wear a lot more risqué clothing than when I was growing up.  Some of the things I’ve seen girls wear make me blush and wonder how their parents let them out of the house with what their wearing.  What happened to decent clothing?  I don’t mean clothing like Laura Ingle on Little House on the Prairie, which is clothing that covers everything on your body with no part of your body exposed. 

I recently read the book Dressing with Dignity by Colleen Hammond and she really had some valid points that made me start thinking.  In her book, I learned that the Vatican has guidelines for tasteful dressing.   I also learned that Padre Pio would not allow women come to church in low neck dresses or short tight skirts.  If he saw the women and teenagers that come to church these days he would flip.  I know it’s easier to conform to the way everyone else dresses; But, what if God were shopping with me, would I really buy the clothes I’d like or would I get something that was both modest and feminine?   Instead, I’m guilty of thinking, “What can I buy that will look nice and perhaps get me noticed.”  Am I the only one who thinks this way?  I can’t be the only one who thinks this way?   If you are like me, then let’s change our way of thinking.   The next time we shop let’s think, “What can I wear that will please God?”


What do you think?

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