Feeling Overwhelmed? – An Expectant Mom’s Reflection


The Holy Family with St. Ann, by Luca Cambiaso (16th century)

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day in the baby’s room. You see, we are expecting our first child; I’m 7 months pregnant. We were putting away gifts that were given to the baby at a baby shower I just had on Saturday.

It finally dawned on us after looking over the baby’s room that it was no longer going to be just the two of us – but that another person was going to be a part of our life now. This little baby was going to rely on us to take care of her, feed her and love her. I started to think about the huge responsibility that was going to entail.

I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by it all when I began to think about the Holy Family. What was it like for Mary when she was preparing for Jesus? Did she feel like me? How was Joseph feeling about becoming a father soon? Did they have everything they needed to care for Jesus? I know that they were both people of great faith. I have faith too, but mine doesn’t compare to the faith they had. Even though I pray, I still think of how I will be as a mom. How we will be as parents to this precious baby girl?

I’ve been asking Mary to help me throughout this pregnancy to be that loving mother to my daughter as she was to Jesus. I’ve been praying to Joseph, too, and asking him to help my husband be the father he is supposed to be for our daughter. Even though Joseph and Mary don’t speak to me personally and tell me how they felt or tell me that all will be OK, I do know that they put people in mine and my husband’s lives that will help us. In fact, those people are already helping us by providing us with not only items that will help us care for the baby but also with their love and support.

I truly feel blessed that we are surrounded by the love of family and friends – on earth and in heaven.

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  1. Very beautifully said. God will bless the both of you and the special ANGEL that will make your
    life so happy.

  2. hi, knew too these site like your post your reminded me when I 1st became a mom I was full of all the very same thoughts you had I remember my mom telling me my life well never be the same and she was right I was 21 at the tiem and had a daughter call her (Melissa -sweet like honey) I was scared since I lived at of state at the tiem form my mom , since then I have move back to satx. however I was so fearfully to hold these tiny baby thinking she might breake. Not too worry we all feel the same way and you will know what to do it all comes so netural enjoy your 1st born yes it will be a change forever it will only transform you and make you a better person.
    PS. please sleep when she sleeps don’t worry about cleaning house you will need your rest as you are getting use too each other “)

  3. Beautiful reflection, Gloria. Ten days after my husband and I brought our son home from the hospital, my Mother had to return to her life. We were so scared to be left alone with this tiny baby. But, I remembered what turned out to be the best advice I was ever given about motherhood, “Everything is temporary.” This has helped me when I was overwhelmed from running on two hours of sleep a night to the joyful times I held his tiny hand in mine and we just sat and stared at each other laughing and hugging. My son is now 6’4″ and we hold hands and hug only at weekly Mass during Peace. It’s all temporary so persevere during the tough times and never take for granted the wonderful ones. What a blessing being a mother is. It teaches us so much about how God loves us.

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