Lessons I’ve Learned While Discerning the Priesthood


by Daniel Quintero, former Media Ministry Assistant

Finding one’s path in life is never an easy task. But there is a difference between being patient and open to God’s call and stalling when you think He is calling you. 

Discernment is an active process, not a spectator sport. As much as I have hoped for God to send me a message in a dream or to put words in the sky detailing exactly what I am to do in life, I am very grateful for the search He has allowed me to take.

For a great many years, I had put the calling of being a priest in the back of my head. I would say I was open to it, but I never actively searched it as truly viable option. There were moments when I would stall and just not think about it out of fear. But more and more, that call grew louder.

It grew due in large part to the organization I work for (The Pilgrim Center of Hope.) Being able to learn about New Evangelization and having the opportunity to pray with my co-workers fostered a deeper spiritual community that guided me to discernment. I also learned how to be internally silent in prayer so that I could hear the voice of God.

Thus, I have come to a point where I can find peace in the thought of entering the seminary and continuing in deeper discernment.

God calls all of us to be saints. The goal of all our lives is to know, love and serve Him. Thus, we endeavor through the wilderness of this existence striving to find where we can best live out our purpose. In light of this, we know that God is always there; guiding us by the people close to us and by the graces we receive. He wants us to find our vocation. For it will be in that vocation where our supreme happiness will reign.


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