Are you listening to God?


Sunset on green Field Landscape

Be still and know that I am God… (Psalm 46:10)

When was the last time you spent quiet, unhurried time alone with God? Time spent focusing on no other request than to be in communion with Him?

I recently spent two days in solitude at a quiet retreat location surrounded by nature. It was a great gift to myself and I came back renewed and refreshed. The busyness and noise which can so easily strangle my inner being, was cast off in this quiet, still place.

Communion with God is the greatest need of our soul and vital communion requires that we remove ourselves from the noise and distractions around us (cell phones, television, radio, honking cars and endless activities) and venture boldly into the silence. But retreating into silence does not come easily to everyone. Many people are afraid of silence for it is in silence that we are forced to confront our innermost nature.

There is a deep inner calling within each of us to simply “be present” in His presence. Rather than asking and presenting a list of things for God to fix in our world, spend time simply seated at His feet, gazing up into His face…asking for God…loving God…praising God.


About Pamela Mandeville

Pam is the Administrative Assistant at Pilgrim Center of Hope. She moved from Houston with the specific intention of becoming Catholic and getting involved in the Catholic community of San Antonio. Pam says, "Serving in this ministry of evangelization is a dream come true." The Pilgrim Log is the blog of the Pilgrim Center of Hope, a Catholic evangelization ministry, providing weekly spiritual reflections to help you journey toward a deeper relationship with Christ. Learn more about the Pilgrim Center of Hope by visiting

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