Catholicism: A Love Story


by Daniel Quintero, former Media Ministry Assistant

There are many beautiful treasures that our Church possesses to which the Holy Spirit can call people.  For me, it was the intellectual richness of the Catholic faith which drew me to appreciate it again. My mind was absorbed in the vastness of what our Church taught and how we came to that belief. Yet despite the mental feast, I still was not in love.

How could I not be in love with my Church? The one I knew factually as the Bride of Christ. The one whose treasures I was so eager to study.  I, like many Catholics, couldn’t help but see the Church as merely an institution. Because of this, even though I knew it had the fullness of truth,  I was not allowing myself to be in love with the Church.

Pope Francis has done an amazing job reflecting on the fact that the Catholic Church is not simply an organization, it is not simply a charitable club, but instead is a ‘love story.’

As my good friend and co-worker Angela reflected on at the Catholic Women’s Luncheon, God is always inviting us to a candle light dinner with Him, in the Eucharist.

This is where my love story began. Standing in adoration; being able to allow the information in my mind to pierce through my heart and grasp the full understanding of God’s love for me, as expressed through the Church.

In truth, we love the Church because we love Christ. We are often accused by separated brethren of not having a personal relationship with Christ. I never truly understood that accusation. The entire Church is built on the foundation of a relationship with Him. The Sacraments, for one, usher in an outward presence of a true and inner reality; in a similar way, as physical acts and expressions between couples reflect deeper notions of love. In fact, the greatest mystics of the Church described the intensity of their relationship with Christ in the metaphor of a marital union. This is what St. John of the Cross called a ‘Mystical Marriage’ with Christ.

This is the climax of our spiritual union with God; to be so in love with God through His Church that we become intimately united with Him. This is the journey all of us are called to take in this life. It is a difficult path, but one that will lead to full happiness and holiness. It will lead us to be Saints.


What do you think?

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