Father Pablo Straub (1932-2013)


The following is a guest blog from Elizabeth Boyle-Contreras, member of the Catholic Women’s Conference Steering Committee.


Fr. Pablo Straub was a very special and holy priest from the order of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, known as the Redemptorists.  He was a priest for 55 years, and could be seen on EWTN hosting a variety of series and retreats.

Fr. Pablo was especially well known for two things: his voice – recognized all over the world for its one of a kind tone, quality and accent – and carrying a large crucifix wherever he went.

I was blessed to hear him speak in 2006 at the EWTN 25th anniversary celebration here in San Antonio.  I did not get to meet him that day, but just hearing him speak left such an impression on me.  From that day forward I followed him on EWTN whenever I could, and his voice always made me feel at peace, loved by Jesus. 

Doug Keck, President & COO of EWTN, said this about him:

“Father Pablo carried the cross of Christ with him throughout a life spent professing our Lord’s all-merciful love to the multilingual Catholic masses of the Americas.”

Anna Latesta, a personal friend of Fr Pablo, said,

“He personified mercy. He was so radiant with the love of Christ.  And he exuded joy. He had that childlike quality even though his teachings were profound.  He had that twinkle in his eye that made you want to be in his presence.  You had that wonderful realization that you were in the presence of Jesus.”

The following is a prophetic statement that he gave during an interview in the late nineties. For those of us who knew about him, these words will allow you to hear his voice one more time. For those who did not know him, these words will allow you to see the holy priest that he was:

“The glorious strengthening of the Church is going to happen quite soon in history. We must love the Church and work in and for Her.  We must believe in the Holy Father.  We must believe in the Holy Father, the bishops and the priests and know that the Church shall engender, give birth, in the world, to a new civilization, a civilization of life and of truth and of love.  It may not be in my lifetime but I see its stirrings already. Her beauty shall be seen and Her voice shall be heard and it shall be a more magnificent beauty and clearer voice than has ever been heard in history before.”

(image source)


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