How God Healed Me


Our world needs healing and hope today. We would like to share with you a testimony about receiving these gifts, from a pilgrim who journeyed with our Ministry of Pilgrimages to the Holy Land:


I went to the Holy Land with a very heavy heart. The loss of my last parent hit me very hard. I took care of my parents for 9 years in my home. My life was put on hold and I devoted myself to them; cooking, cleaning, taking them to medical appointments, talking to doctors, keeping a log of all their medications, doctors, and short memos of all doctor appointments and procedures; I made sure that all their medications were taken on time and mostly got only 2 hours of sleep. These nine years were the best in my life to know that I did all I could, after all, they took care of me growing up. I can only hope that I made them comfortable.

My healing occurred in the Garden of Gethsemane.
I suffered from continuous severe pain in one leg for many years; that is totally gone now.

The main healing occurred while writing a letter to God. I had just completed praying the Rosary, and disappointment began to surface; so I began to write God a letter. I let him have it:

Dear God,
Why did you have to take my last parent — Dad did not have anything wrong; however, he did begin to eat less and less. Was it his time to go home to you so soon? God, after Dad’s funeral Mass and we were walking behind the casket out of the church, I almost fainted–I was so taken with grief.
No matter how hard I tried, I could not pull myself together. It was after the reception when it was time to leave. My siblings knew I would be going home to an empty house, yet no one indicated they would come stay one night with me or even asked me to come stay with them for one night. I went home alone and sat on the recliner about 3 hours–dead silence, God…

THEN IT HAPPENED: a deep warmth came upon me – on my face and within my heart. I thought I might be having some kind of out-of-body experience, but no, it was the Holy Spirt. I then heard a voice, “ALL I WANTED WAS TO HAVE SOMEONE SPEND 1 HOUR WITH ME IN THIS VERY GARDEN.” I began to tremble and knew at that point that my hurt and pain was in no way in comparison to our Lord. My tears dried up and I thanked our Lord for giving me this message: Dad and Mom are together and in a better place, and there is much more for me here on earth.

No matter where I travel next, this will be an experience and healing that I will carry to my grave. It is our faith that will carry us through all our deepest challenges. I have talked to individuals who are experiencing challenges about this, and they have gone back to church and began reading Scripture. I privately thank God and follow-up with these individuals.

It’s been a year since Dad went home. I have been busy getting my home in order; for a year I could not get myself motivated. I am at peace, and when I go to the cemetery now, the tears are dried up. I know that I will have moments, and I will then remember the Garden of Gethsemane – and if tears come, that’s OK.

God is ready to give you the healing you need. Seek Him in prayer!

Pilgrim Center of Hope’s desire is to reclaim the true meaning of pilgrimages as journeys of faith. Far from being ‘a religious tour,’ true pilgrimages are encounters with God. We invite you to journey with us!

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